10 Movies Every Businessman Should see

Being a succesful businesman is not an easy task. Oppositions and obstacles stand at every corner. The haters and heat that comes with following you dreams can ruin your parade in the blink of an eye. But don't forget: You're a dreamer. If you believe strong enough in your dreams and you pursuit them with all your hear nothing can stop you. When times get hard, and trust me, they will, watching movies will be pretty much the only thing you will have energy to do! so why not watch a movie that will fuel you and give you the energy and inspiration you need to get back on track?


Here is a list of 10 movies that anyone who needs motivation, inspiration and fuel to get back in the grind of being a succesful businesman shoud watch:


1. The Social Network

This movie will inspire you to dream again and see patterns to success that you might even have right now without even noticing them! This will motivate you to stay in the grind and see the internet in a completely different way.


2. Scarface

A movie that will ignite ambition in your soul and will also keep you well entertained. 


3. Alexander the Great 

This movie  based on the life of Alexander the great, will inspire you to create an empire that will last for decades to come. 


4. The Count of Monte Cristo 

This classic Novel that was turned into a movie will surely captivate you and will have you dreaming about riches in no time. Remember: Dreaming is key to succeed as a businessman.

5. The Pursuit of Happiness

This events are based on a true story where Will Smith plays a man who managed to triuph against adversity to become one of the greates vehicle is one of businessman of all times.

6. Moneyball

Movie with Brad pitt who paly Bully Beane, The Director of The Okland A team. This movie will not only keep you entertained but it will give you the inspiration and creativity boost you might need to get off the mud.

7. Rocky

A classical movie that every businessman shoud watch! This inspiring movie about a boxer who manges to keep going against all odds is simply uplifthing. 


8. Wolves of Wall Street

If you have not heard about this movie yet, then by all means go watch it right now. 

9. The Last of the Mohicans

This beautiful movie will ignite a passion in you that will get you off your feet and back at chasing your dreams


10. The Patriot 

Famous movie with Mel Gibson to get you uplifed any day of the week and ready to get back into the fight


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