Auralite Mine: Canada

The Auralite Amethyst mine is  located 800 km North of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada deep inside the boreal forest. There are currently very few miners extracting this rare breed of amethyst that can only be found in this remote place in the world. Most of the extraction of Auralite Crystals is done by hand to ensure that the beautiful nature & wild life surrounding this zone is not affected. The vast majority of the mining of the Auralite 23 crystals is done ethically by small family oriented mining businesses from Canada. Crystal Dreams is proud to announce that it is part of this Canadian family ran business. Crystal Dreams is a direct partner with the Auralite mine which allows it to wholesale & distribute these unique crystals at some of the most affordable prices in the market. Crystal Dreams receives all of its Auralite Amethyst 23 crystals directly from the Auralite mine and then proceeds to ship them to stores and wholesellers all around the world. Auralite is truely a gift from nature that must be shared. 

Canadian Auralite Crystals Wholesale

Crystal Dreams is a Canadian organization established in Montreal that specialized in the international trade of Crystals, including Auralite 23. Crystal Dreams operates directly with the Auralite mine located in Canada and is a direct supplier from this mine. This canadian company is currently looking for distributors of Auralite 23 all around the globe! We specialize in wholesale and retail of Auralite products which we ship all over the world! Join our movement and become part of this great opportunity. If you're interested in selling this unique gemstone in your region or you have any questions please send us an e-mail at:

In the e-mail let us know how what type of auralite products are you interested in selling in your store and we will get back to you with our wholesale prices. 

What Is Canadian Auralite?

Auralite Amethsyt is a rare type of amethyst which is a mixture of 2 to 7 different minerals from a list of 23. This unique crystal can only be found in Canada and it as discovered only in 2007. Many believe this subtance was created when these elements and mienrals melted due to the heat of impact of impacting comets millions of years ago. This crystal is by far one of the greates discoveries of our time. Scientists estimate Auralite to be around 2.2 billion years old. Auralite is not only sought after because of its uniqueness and rarity but also because of its incredible metaphysical properties that are being attributed to this stone by the people and healers who work with it. Find out for youself why the Auralite is growin so rapidly among the healing crystals community. The Canadian Auralite is yours to discover. For questions or more information please contact us or consult or other articles. 

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