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Are you looking to create your own online business and become self employed? Do you want to be your own boss and attract abundance into your life? Are you tired of working Monday toFriday in a 9 to 5 job? do you truly believe you can make your dreams become true? Are you looking for a mentor to show you how create monetary Abundance in your life? If you answered YES to all those questions, then you are a dreamer and an entrepeneur just like ourselves. We have a very unique and different mentality from most people because we know we were born to achieve our own dreams.
There are many obstacles when it comes to opening your own busines. Many people give up because there is a lot of research involded. One has to learn the rules, study the risks and explore the online world. This can take many years to accomplish. Luckily for you, the creators of Crystal Dreams offer their services and mentoring to provide you with all the tools you will need to open your online business and become a succesful entrepeneur. With our packages, we will teach you the basics of the online world from A to Z. We will sit down with you and create a webpage for you. Then we will show you how to run your website on your own and how to maximize the success of you online page. 


Basic package

This is a perfect package for budget friendly users who just want to learn the basics and be pointed on the right direction. This package includes:


  • Basic website design & inital setup

  • Marketing tips & ideas

  • 3 live sessions (30 min. each)

  • Online store tips & ideas

  • SEO tips


Deluxe package 

This a great offer for those looking to get started in online marketing, online stores and a more detailed web design. This package includes:


  • Intermediate website design & setup 

  • Marketing initial set up 

  • 5 live sessions (30 min. each)

  • Online store initial setup

  • Intermediate Personal Coaching

  • SEO tips and initial set up


Premium package 

This is a perfect package for those that want to master the online world and have a web page with a very strong base. This package includes:

  • Advanced website design & set up

  • Advanced Marketing set up

  • 7 live sessions (30 min. each)

  • Online Advanced  setup

  • Advanced personal Coaching

  • Advanced SEO set up and tips



Upon purchase, we will contact you to schedule an appointment with the creators of Crystal Dreams. First, we will gather all your information to create your website according to your needs. In less than 2 weeks, we will create your webpage and will prsent it to you in order get feedback and update the page if needed. During our live sessions, we'll give you a tutorial and explain how to run your online business. We will also coach you and mentor you along the way by providing tips and ideas that we learned from our own experience in the online world. If you have any other questions or doubts please contact us.




Montreal, Canada

“I'm very happy with the work that Crystal Dreams provided. They help me renew my webpage and transformed it into an amazing professional website”

Montreal, Canada

“Crystal Dream's Deluxe Package exceed my expectations. They Taught me valuable information about the online world and created a beautiful website. It would've take me years to figure out everything they did for me in just a few weeks. Greatly recommend their packages.”

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When you invest in our packages, you can expect our full commitment and the best service we can produce during our time together. We are passionate about our work and we will provide you our entire dedication to make your webpage as successful as possible. We will share with you our experience as professionals and entrepreneurs.  

Looking forward to meeting you.

Raphael Hul CEO / Co Founder of Crystal Dreams

Santiago Hul CEO / Co Founder of Crystal Dreams

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