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Crystals are beautiful precious stones that grow naturally in the earth. They have been used throughout history by many different cultures for decoration and for their healing benefits. There are various different types of crystals, but the most popular found are amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz crystal, lapis lazuli and more. Crystals are becoming more popular and there's an increasing demand for them in Canada. Crystal Dreams, also known as Rêves de Cristal, is located in Montreal, Canada. We offer a wide variety of different crystals and stones.

Runes are letters from the Runic Alphabet which were used by Germanic tribes and Vikings. Due to the powers that these symbols represent, they were used for thousands of years for divination and communication. A set of runes contains 25 runic stones with 24 letters of the runic alphabet & a blank rune which represents the “ unknown ” or " Odin ". These Nordic symbols are ideal for rune readings, divination, decision making & communication. In this article, you will learn about their history and how to use them.

Shungite can be used as a natural filter to purify your water. This natural water purifier can clean water from almost all inorganic compounds (including pesticides), metals, bacteria and harmful microorganisms. A good example of water purification by Shungite is the water from Lake Onega in Russia. Since this lake has been in contact with Shungite for thousands of years, the water is so clean that it can be used for drinking without any water filtering.

Discover the history of Orgonite also known as life force or universal energy. This energy nurtures your soul and clears all the negative energies around you. The Orgonite can be used, just as other crystals are used, or in conjunction with them. An Orgonite stores, transmutes and revitalizes energy from the body and the environment in which it has been placed. This esoteric energy or universal life force was discovered in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich, a gifted visionary and scientist who fled from the Nazis to America.

Are you located in Montreal? Looking for Himalayan Salt lamps? Himalayan Salt Lamps will help balance the positive and negative ions of your house or apartment, creating an environment that feels much more natural energetically. Crystal Dreams is a crystal store located in Montreal that specializes in the sale of salt lamps at retail or wholesale prices! Come visit us and take advantage of some of the best prices in the market. We have salt lamps in all sizes and colors.


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