Jan 9, 2018

The Most Popular Crystals

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If you're new to the crystal world, and you're looking for the best crystal to have, these are the top 10 most popular crystals out there! We made a list of the top 10 crystals that anyone who wants to get into crystal healing should have. The most popular crystals for healing are:

- Amethyst: Healing & restoring peace - Citrine: Abundance & Creativity - Auralite: Spiritual growth, healing and enlightenment - Tiger Eye: Protecion & wealth - Black Tourmaline: Ultimate Protection stone - Selenite: A crystal that helps meditation & cleans other gemstones - Clear Quartz: Amplifier of Energy - Malachite:The ultimate healing stone - Rose Quartz: The stone of Unconditional Love

Hope this helps!! Which are your top crystals & how to you use them?

New Posts
  • A common question we get by new Crystal Dreams clients is whether the shape of the stone “changes anything”. The truth is that it all depends on what you’re using the crystal for. The stone itself has the same properties in whichever shape it’s been carved, yet the shape sometimes directs the energy in a specific direction, or all directions. Here are some common shapes and their more specific uses: TUMBLED STONES Categorized as small, polished stones, tumbled stones are perfect for someone who keeps stones in their pockets or in their bag. We recommend to keep a maximum of three stones at a time on you, the rest can be programmed and kept in your home or workplace. These stones can be cleansed and reprogrammed when you feel like switching them, making them a simple addition to any person’s collection. They emit energy within around three feet of the stone itself, and can be used for healing purposes. ROUGH CRYSTALS Some people say that crystals are more powerful when unpolished, but we tend to disagree. Some polished stones will work better for a person, it’s important to choose the stone based on how you feel with it in your hand or around you. Rough crystals can be found in different sizes and shapes, depending on how the mine chooses to cut it and how it forms naturally. Rough crystals can also be used for healing purposes, and are normally kept within a home (rather than in a pocket). POINTS (UNI-TERMINATED) Crystals that end in a single point are very powerful to focus energy. They can be used to focus it physically (towards a chakra or space) or spiritually (towards a goal). They are very helpful in eliminating blockages within chakras or energy. BI-TERMINATED CRYSTALS These are very similar to crystal points, yet they have two points rather than one. This means that they help more towards balancing energy. PYRAMIDS The pyramid shaped crystals are quite like crystal points, but the energy is less intense because the point is less narrow, and there are less facets forming the point. Crystal pyramids take energy in from their point and bring it through the bottom, thus grounding the energy at the base. People who are overwhelmed by the amount of energy in their space can bring in a pyramid, since it will ground those energies and make them more bearable for someone who is more sensitive to them. They can also be used for healing purposes, bringing healing through the base to certain areas or chakras. CRYSTAL EGGS Crystal eggs are similar to those in pyramid shape, aside from the rounded base, point, and no facets. This focused the energy less to the point and embodies the same concept as the sphere, meaning that energy comes from all sides, but mostly from the point. The egg shape itself is a symbol for our dreams and goals coming to be, and bring a comforting energy with them. SPHERES Crystal spheres, also known as crystal balls, have energy vibrating all around them, and therefore emit energy in all directions. Because of their symmetry, they bring harmonic energies into the space they are kept in. This energy is very connecting, and can even help to unite the user with the energies surrounding them. CUBES Crystals in a cube shape are very interesting, and bring about a calculated and grounding energy. It can be stabilizing and help to secure intentions. HEARTS Very similar to crystal spheres, heart shaped crystals have energy coming from all directions but add a very loving and calming energy to it. They are also more likely to be small in size, making them have a similar radius to a tumbled stone. CLUSTERS Crystal clusters are made up of many smaller points, directing energy in many directions. You can think of it as being many uni-terminated crystals being joined at the same matrix. PALM STONES Similar to spheres but a flatter, oval shape, crystal palm stones are meant to be held in the users hand. They are conducive to meditation, holding one in each hand can be helpful. CRYSTAL WANDS Crystal wands can be very different shapes, some are more rounded and others are wrapped in wire. They sometimes have only one crystal, other times there are multiple crystals on them. They help to direct energy, crystal grids, some can be used (if rounded) for massage and acupressure. PLATONIC SOLIDS
  • Many of our clients gear their purchase towards their astrological sign. When it's a gift, they sometimes choose based on the person's sign that they're buying the crystal for. Here is an easy guide as to which crystal is for which sign, with some extra information: JANUARY Sign: Capricorn (1st - 19th) Aquarius (20th - 31st) Celestial Body: Saturn Uranus Element: Earth Air Stone: Hematite Garnet FEBRUARY Sign: Aquarius (1st - 18th) Pisces (19th - 28/29th) Celestial Body: Uranus Neptune Element: Air Water Stone: Garnet Fluorite MARCH Sign: Pisces (1st - 20th) Aries (21st - 31st) Celestial Body: Neptune Mars Element: Water Fire Stone: Fluorite Bloodstone APRIL Sign: Aries (1st - 19th) Taurus (20th - 30th) Celestial Body: Mars Earth Element: Fire Earth Stone: Bloodstone Malachite MAY Sign: Taurus (1st - 21st) Gemini (22nd - 31st) Celestial Body: Earth Mercury Element: Earth Air Stone: Malachite Agate JUNE Sign: Gemini (1st - 20th) Cancer (21st - 30th) Celestial Body: Mercury Moon Element: Air Water Stone: Agate Emerald JULY Sign: Cancer (1st - 22nd) Leo (23rd - 31st) Celestial Body: Moon Sun Element: Water Fire Stone: Emerald Onyx AUGUST Sign: Leo (1st - 22nd) Virgo (23rd - 31st) Celestial Body: Sun Ceres Element: Fire Earth Stone: Onyx Carnelian SEPTEMBER Sign: Virgo (1st - 22nd) Libra (23rd - 30th) Celestial Body: Ceres Venus Element: Earth Air Stone: Carnelian Aventurine OCTOBER Sign: Libra (1st - 22nd) Scorpio (23rd - 31st) Celestial Body: Venus Pluto Element: Air Water Stone: Aventurine Aquamarine NOVEMBER Sign: Scorpio (1st - 21st) Sagittarius (22nd - 30th) Celestial Body: Pluto Jupiter Element: Water Fire Stone: Aquamarine Turquoise DECEMBER Sign: Sagittarius (1st - 21st) Capricorn (22nd - 31st) Celestial Body: Jupiter Saturn Element: Fire Earth Stone: Turquoise Hematite
  • Our clients sometimes look to use crystals to help with their fertility. Some of them even buy these crystals as a baby shower gift for a friend or family member! They can all be paired with Selenite (for recharging the crystals) and/or Clear Quartz (to amplify the crystals). All of the gems mentioned below are available at Crystal Dreams, the most popular crystal store! Let us know in the comments if you have bought any of these crystals to help with fertility, and how it worked for you! Moonstone: This stone represents divine femininity, helps to calm emotions, and helps with new journeys. The new journey of parenthood will be made much smoother with a Moonstone in hand! Unakite: This soothing gemstone brings love, compassion, health, and abundance to new parents. It helps with stress and insomnia, and helps with stress pertaining to the future. Rose Quartz: Known as the "Love Stone", this crystal helps to bring unconditional love into the wearer's life. It is very effective in strengthening the bond between lovers, or parents with their children. Aventurine: The "Lucky Charm" of the gem world, this stone helps to attract positive outcomes. Aventurine encourages positive thought, patience, and makes time feel like an illusion. Rhodonite: This healing crystal helps create space for love whilst regulating mood swings. It provides strength and courage to the wearer, perfect for expecting moms! Fluorite: This crystal is sometimes called the "Genius Stone", helping with "Mom-Brain" and the resolution of complex issues. It helps to remove blockages and to manifest one's life purpose into a reality. Carnelian: This gem was thought to enhance physical performance by the Ancient Romans, and can bring your birthing experience to the next level by increasing energy and strength. It helps to awaken motivation and ambition in pursuit of a goal, and pushes towards the new path of life that is coming so soon!

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