Jan 9, 2018

What is spirituality?

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Edited: Jan 11, 2018

Many people often ask what is spirituality and how it is defined. While many agree that spirituality shouldn't be labeles some others claim that is is important to set boundaries and a well denifed structured.


We believe that spirituality is living your true calling in life as long as it does not inflic harm on yourself or others. We must remember that our freedom ends where another's begins. Spirituality is all becoming consiouss of the true nature of our existence and reaching our maximum potential.


How would you define spiritualiy? What do you think spirituality truely means?

The definition of spirituality and its tenets are mentioned for the clarity of the joys and habits of the field. The actual field of the work and pro-papers reviews is approved for the sanity of the blocks. The fieldwork of the spiritual work and theory is learned for the improvement of the pieces of advice and all habits in the ambit of the questions for the terms.

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