Jan 9, 2018

How to meditate?

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Edited: Jan 12, 2018

There are a lot of beliefs, techniques, methods and opinions on how to meditate properly. Many clamim that in reality there is no right or wrong way of meditating. Indees, this is because there are over 108 meditation techniques.


What is your favorite way of meditating? Please tell us in detail how you meditate and the techniques that you use to make it more effective.

After using different guided meditations on youtube, i now just close my eyes, take deep breaths and visualise red roots coming from my feet and going in the center of the Earth(picturing with many details and feeling the consciousness of Gaia totaly enveloping me as a conciousness (i transported my conciousness there by first imagining my mind entering my heart chakra's center and visualising in my heart chakra the center of Gaia. Then i put my mind-conciousness in Gaia's center) i try to focus on how it would feel to be comforted by Gaia's energy. I always visualise her energy to be an orangy colour like the lava inside a volcano. i don't know why, but my intuition gave me that colour wich feels strong. I next focus on the feelings of that energy entering my entire body and filing up all of my chakras. i pay attention to each chakra while doing this. If i have a headache along the way i relax my brain muscles by visualising them moving away slightly from the walls of my skull. This makes the headache disapear. Once i worked on all my chakras i make a connection with my higher self(soul) and ask questions about my difficulties to get a bigger perspective and the deeper meaning of the problem. I finish my meditation by visualising my higher self entering completely inside my body. I picture it to be a golden colour. I take the time to observ how much lighter i feel in my body and how calm , happy my toughts and emotions feel.


During my day i try to visualise as many times as i can, my higher self lighting my body with it's golden colour to help me deal with my anxiety. It makes the connection with the meditation i did earlyer during my day to teach my brain to relax, it gives also the signal to my heart center that we are not in any danger.

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