Unakite Beads Strand Imported From Spain

- High quality strand of beads made with 100% natural gemstones.

Average Dimensions:

-  Strand Size: 12" Length 
- 8 or 10 mm beads
- Around 38 beads per strand 
- Weight: 60 grams

*The crystal strand you will receive upon purchase is exactly the same as in the pictures. All measurements are approximations. Authenticity & quality guaranteed.

Why Unakite?

- This crystals was firstly discovered in the mountains of Unaka located in the north of California. However, this gemstone can also be found in Europe & Africa. Unakite has a unique look of pink and green which some believe believe gives the stone the soothing powers of love & compassion while also attracting health & abundance. Indeed, this is a gemstone of compassion which is willing to help its carrier through both illness & health. Unakite is ideal when wanting to relieve stress, anxiety & insomnia. It is also a crystal that enhances psychic abilities. Therefore, it is very useful when trying to achieve spiritual growth and personal development. Keep this stone near you when fear and doubt about the future try to overtake your heart and mind.

100% Authentic Unakite Crystal Beads Strand

Bead Size

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