Elite Shungite Gemstone Imported From Russia 100% Natural
Very Rare Super High Quality Shungite 

This Crystal is made of 100% Real Shungite imported from Russia into our Canadian Store.

Dimensions of 1 piece of Elite Shungite:

- Size: 0.5" Width x 0.5" height
- Average Weight: 20 grams

*Upon purchase, you will receive exactly 1 Elite Shungite gemstone piece from the pictures with the dimensions mentioned above. All measurements are approximations.

What is Shungite & Where did it come From?

Scientists estimate Shungite to be almost 2 billion years. Though it is similar in appearance to coal, it is found in very ancient layers of the Earth’s crust that were formed when there were no life forms on the Earth. 

The rock deposit found in Russia (shungite) is the only known natural source of fullerenes on Earth (with the exception of a few meteorites). The rock has been studied extensively by Russian scientists, but only within the last few years has information regarding shungite reached the Western world. According to Russian and Ukrainian research, fullerene-rich shungite has the ability to neutralize numerous forms of negative energy.


There are two grades of shungite  available from Russia. The lower grade contains 30-50% carbon (called black shungite) and has a dull appearance very much like coal. The higher grade, referred to as elite shungite has a carbon content of 80% or more (and a correspondingly higher fullerene content). Only 1% of shungite is in this form. Both grades will work to enhance water but the silver elite/noble form works much faster.

Elite Shungite Gemstone 100% Natural Russia

SKU: SHE 002
  • All of our crystals are 100% natural and their authencity is guaranteed. All items are exactly as advertised & are inspected individually to maximize quality and costumer satisfaction.

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