Planning a road trip to California, Nevada and Arizona

Are you planning to do a road trip to California? how about visiting Nevada and Arizona aswell?
You can rent a car for a very reasonable price in the United States. I recommend the rental company called budget. You can also ask your car insurance from your country of residence if they cover the rental insurance which will save you a few hundred dollars. 
Dont forget to bring your own gps to save a few hundred dollars as well. A road trip in Nevada, Arizona and California can be done in just 21 days. Most probably this will be one or the best trip of your life. I will share with you my own personal experience from my trip. Remember that California gets more than 10 million tourists per year so make sure to book some of your hostels or hotels in advance, specially near the west coast.

Vegas, Nevada (2 nights)

Land in Vegas and drive around the stripes and then walk around to visit all the beautiful casinos and shopping malls. You should also book 1 show in one of the casinos such a  magic, knights show, singing and much more.

Death Valley, Red rocks and Antelope Cave (2 night)
From Vegas you can do a little trip to the red rocks which is about 2 hours away. Then you can visit the amazing Death Valley which is a beautiful drive in a quiet desert.  Then you can drive back to Vegas to enjoy the night life. The next day, you can drive to the beautiful  Antelope caves which is located around 3 hours from vegas.

Grand Canyon and monument valley, Arizona (3 nights)
After Vegas, you can drive to the grand canyon which is located around 5 hours away. Remember to take your time and enjoy the drive. Once you are done seeing the Grand Canyon you can spent 1 night in cozy town of flagstaff. The next morning, you can visit the spiritual town of Sedona and then drive 2 hours to see the breath taking monument valley which is famous in all the cowboy movies. In the last day you can spend it visitng in more depth the grand canyon.

Vegas, Nevada (1 night)

On your way back from flagstaff you can spend an extra day in Vegas to see anything that you might have missed like casinos.

Los Angeles, California(3 nights)
From Vegas You can drive to LA which is around 5 hours away from Vegas. LA is a very big city and there's alot of things to see. The most popular activities are; Venice beach, Beverly hills, Hollywood street, Universal studios, the Griffith observatory and much more.

San Diego, California (3 nights)

San Diego is a very beautiful city with a nice beach to surf and do lot of activities. You can stay in the area of Point Loma which is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods I have ever seen. Its very close to Ocean beach and its full of friendly hippies. You can also go to the beach at night where people make bond fires. Also you can visit the downtown (gas district) to see the night life which is filled with cozy bars.

Oceanside and L.A (1 night)
on your way back to LA you can spend a few hours in the beautiful beach of Oceanside. Its located half way between LA and San Diego. Then continue your driving and stay 1 more night in LA. 

Route 1  California (1 night)
Take the slow drive by route 1 and take your time to stop and appreciate the scenery. You can see the sea lions tanning on the beach and many beautiful cliffs. Dont forget to do a quick stop in Santa Barbara town to get a snack. If you have time, you can also visit   Harsh’s Castle.  I recommend you to stop half at Pismo beach.  You can spend a night there which is famous because you can drive your car in the beach. This way your trip will feel less rushed and you can take your time to enjoy all the beauty of the west coast.
The next morning you continue your drive to Point Lobos natural park to see more beautiful scenery. Then keep driving to your next destination; the town of Santa Cruz.

Santa cruz, California (1 night)

Santa Cruz is a beautiful and peaceful town. Many travellers agree that this is one of the most peaceful towns in California and its perfect to relax for 1 night.

Yosemite, California (2 night)
From santa cruz drive to Yosemite. It should take around 3 hours and a half. Drop your bags at your hotel and go explore the breath taking Yosemite national park. There most popular places to see are Glacier Point, Glacier tunnel, Yosemite Valley, Mariposa Grove and many waterfalls. You should reserve in advance for your hotels because almost everything around Yosemite books really fast.

San Francisco, California (3 nights)
Drive from Yosemite to san Francisco It’s around a 5 hour drive. There you can spend easily 3 days, but san Francisco it’s a very expensive city and is not car friendly. Remember to turn your wheels if you park on a hill or else you will get a ticket. Also be careful where you park at night because there’s a lot of vandalism. People can break your windows when they see your plate number from another state. If you want to see alactraz, you have to book your ticket at least 1 month in advance. Dont forget to explore chinatown, they sell alot of cool souvenirs for a good price. The best activity is to rent a bicycle to explore fisherman's bay and the golden bridge. It's a little expensive to rent them but tis worth it. After you cross the Golden bridge, visit the town of Sausalito. Then take a ferry back to San Francisco.

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